News Vericon Participates in ACCNJ Safety Day
  • April, 2018

Vericon Participates in ACCNJ Safety Day

On Wednesday April 18, 2018, Vericon Construction Company participated in the Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey’s (ACCNJ) Annual Safety Day.  Superintendents across all Vericon jobsites throughout the company’s territory held ToolBox Talks with their teams, including clients and subcontractors.  In addition, Vericon’s executives, Stephen Mellett and Tricia Vohden, along with the ACCNJ Membership Development Director, Carol Fulton, gathered at the site of a new JPMorgan Chase Branch in Sayreville, NJ to participate in the day’s activities and discuss the importance of a safe jobsite.

Vericon Construction Company is committed to raising awareness of safety standards and improving practices throughout the industry. According to OSHA, in the United States, the leading causes of worker fatalities in the construction industry are falls, struck by object, electrocution, and caught-in/between incidents. Hundreds of lives could be saved by eliminating these “fatal four” accidents in the private construction industry. At all safety refresher training’s, Vericon places a particular emphasis on fall protection and reducing hazards associated with the fatal four.

Safety is paramount at Vericon and the company’s safety culture is evident throughout the entire organization, starting from the top. Vericon’s President, Stephen Mellett, says, “Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you’re on a jobsite and you see something that is not up to par with our safety regulations, say something. Anyone and everyone can help prevent an accident from happening”. Vericon’s dedication to safety has earned them numerous awards since their foundation. In 2017, Vericon was recognized by the ACCNJ and the State of New Jersey for their exceptional safety record of Zero Lost Workdays. Vericon Construction’s continued commitment to safety has produced their lowest Experience Modification Rate (EMR) to date, at 0.571. Currently ranked #4 out of 1,019 companies in the state of New Jersey by NJ Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau (NJCRIB).