News Vericon Employees Celebrate 10th Anniversary
  • April, 2015

Vericon Employees Celebrate 10th Anniversary

April 27th, 2005, Vericon Construction Company was created by Charles DeAngelis, Steve Mellett, and Tricia Vohden.  After years of working in construction, they decided they wanted to open a company where they could work somewhere where they could work with people they trusted. They wanted to be a general contractor that clients fully trusted. Construction is a tough field for trust, but the three gained clients who returned because of their reliability and dedication to the job. After 10 years of service, Vericon wanted to celebrate all of the people who made it happen, from employees to subs and clients.

April 27th, 2015 marked the official 10th Anniversary of Vericon Construction Company’s foundation. To celebrate this milestone, we hosted an anniversary party bringing together clients, vendors and the personnel from all three Vericon offices. It was a spectacular celebration and we thank everyone who could join us, as well as the clients, suppliers and partners who have contributed to our success over the past 10 years!